Friday, February 12, 2010

Fun moments from my week.

A couple of moments and conversations I've had this week:

-Filming the All Shook Up promo and the production meeting with Nancy, Tiff, Abby, Eddie, Hedy and Trav.

-Jason asking for and receiving his raise.

-Seeing a person dressed as the Statue of Liberty and carrying a red umbrella crossing the street in the pouring rain.

-Dinner with Solangey. Awesome.

-Winning tickets to the LA Philharmonic at Disney Concert Hall for Valentines Day.

-Spending time with Jason.

-That Grandma's procedure went surprisingly well and that she's pain free!

-A wonderful compliment from a teenage breakdancer - "Ms. Erin, you're awesome! Is there anything you can't do?"

(Between me and a 6th grade boy):
Me: Hey, why do you have a rubberband on your head?
Boy: I dunno. I found it.
Me: You found a rubber band and thought, "hey, I wanna put this on my head!"?
Boy: Yep.
Me: But you don't even know where it's been.
Other boy (chiming in): Dude, it could have been in a toilet!
Me: In a toilet? So someone thought it was important enough to stick their hand in a toilet to get it and then forgot it in a desk?
Boy: Yep.
Other Boy: Yep.
Third Boy: Dude, you just got slammed teacher-style.
five minutes later
Other Boy: This is boring.
Me: You're boring.
Other Boy: YOU'RE boring.
Me: That's all you got, toilet boy?
Other Boy: I'm not a toilet boy. You're the toilet boy.
Me: Sure. You just keep trying with that one. You're the one that thinks about pulling things out of a toilet and putting them on your head. And you, rubber band kid, why are you still wearing that thing? Put it away.
----- be continued...

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