Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Grit and Pearls

I have continued to stew on storyline and living the best story I can, every day.

That can become difficult when I start to compare my dreams (and progress toward them) with others I know. You see, I have been blessed over the years to work with some exceptional talents, and many of them are really succeeding in their careers right now. Some are huge, some will be huge shortly. I am so proud to know them and have had some small part in their journey. The trouble comes when I start to compare myself to these actors I know. My career trajectory has been totally different, and doesn't deserve to be compared. And I can't start thinking "It's too late", just because I haven't yet achieved the success I had hoped to by this age. It just means that success looks different than I planned!

Jen Louden has a beautiful post on this topic today, about how all of our struggles and failures are the grit that we can ultimately choose to turn into pearls. Read it here: http://jenniferlouden.com/too-late-by-whos-clock/

So Today I will choose to work on my pearl. To be overjoyed for my successful friends, and to continue plugging along on this path I'm on.

To celebrate where I am today, I finally posted my demo reel - that all important actor tool in our Internet based world. Check it out!:

And be kind to yourself today. You deserve it!

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