Friday, March 5, 2010

Callback Update

So I went back for my callback today, and AGAIN found myself walking down Sunset Blvd. on a Friday in Victorian dress. This time I felt a little more comfortable, and as I walked up I saw my partner from the first call! So both of us made it through the cut. :)

There were five women and four men there for the roles, and this time the creative team was in the room. They altered the original direction a little bit (no dialogue - all blocking and reactions) and then started swapping partners around on-camera.

As I sat in the waiting area between turns in the room, I suddenly realized that EVERY SINGLE PAID PERFORMING GIG I've booked since college has been a period piece. Especially late 19th - early 20th Century. Guess I have one of those old timey faces. Anyhow, as I went in and out, the director asked me to "pull it down a little bit" (i.e. - don't act) which is a tough direction when you're already an over the top personality in life. But I really made an effort to act less (which for me translates to "do nothing") and they seemed to react well.

All I know is that there's a possibility I could book this job, and regardless of what happens I feel encouraged and ready to start putting myself out there for work again. I've also decided that it's time to really pursue new representation... again... I've had two lame brain, sketchy agents back to back, and this time I'm shooting for the moon. Any whiff of something sketchy, and I'm running for the door.

So, wish me luck and send me your prayers!


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