Saturday, February 26, 2011

The End of Indy's Nightmare

We got pretty good news from Indy's vet today. They got nice, clear margins free of cancer on the incision from his second surgery! That means we're done with the tumor at this time.

Unfortunately, his Mast Cell Tumor was officially labeled at Grade II Mast Cell Tumor, which is better than III, but not as good as I (which is what we hoped for). What that means is that the tumor is unpredictable and could appear somewhere else in Indy. At this time, there is no sign of any spread and Indy is free (once the staples are removed) to go back about his normal life and routine. We just have to keep an eye out for vomiting and diarrhea or any raised masses that may appear. The good part of this, is that at least we now know what to look for. If his mast cell cancer rears its nasty little head again, at least we'll know right away what we're looking at and what our next steps should be.

We love our pup - he is a huge part of our little family, and we are so glad that this nightmare is over - at least for now, and hopefully forever. :)

Jason shot this photo of Indy at the Kelso Dunes in January. We love it!

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