Friday, July 30, 2010

Little House - But a new one!

Jason and I get our little house this weekend, and we are SO excited about it! Send us good thoughts for our packing and moving! We have lots of stairs to negotiate!

There are two things about the house that we are especially excited about. 1) it's a HOUSE - there is no one attached to any of our walls or in an apartment above us. 2) Indy gets a backyard (and so does Erin - yay for gardening!)

In addition, it's in an AMAZING neighborhood in Redondo Beach, close to everything, but quiet. And it's a two bedroom house with a big kitchen (at least for a two bedroom!), so we'll have enough space to start our lives together without being choked out by stuff or furniture.

Here are some "before" photos that my sister and I went to take yesterday. I'll update with "after" photos when it's all organized and done!

View from the front - it doesn't have the same character and age as the 100 year old front house, but it's clean, well-maintained and has a very nice owner. :) (and a big lavender bush - which I love).
Kitchen - yes, the countertops are two different colors, but there are TONS of cabinets, room to put in an island of some sort, and I'm thinking Anthropologie-esque colored glass knobs on the cabinets. :)
Breakfast nook looking into the living room.
Living Room - it's big, which is amazing - with a built in for the TV and all of the things that go with it.

Bedroom - pretty standard, but the closet is HUGE!
Bathroom - I have an amazing shower curtain ready to go (yes... shower curtains can be amazing).

The side yard - my herb pots, bbq and a patio table - maybe some roses along the wall.
The yard around back - small, but with so much potential, and I'm going to plant some creeping plants to crawl up and hide the back wall!

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  1. Awesome, Erin! That looks great for your first place together. I love all the ideas. Congrats again.