Sunday, April 7, 2013

Acting Class Exercises for Kids - Part 3: Interview!

Here's another exercise that I have always loved to use with all ages in my acting class. It's a great way to start exploring character development, and how to build a fully fleshed out character. Enjoy!

To work on developing characters, I like to have beginning actors play someone they know. Their best friend, sibling, mom, dad, grandma... just someone they know well. I have them leave the room and enter as the character. They sit in a chair on stage and I interview them - ask them their name, age, what they like to do, how they feel about other family members, favorite colors, pets.... any question that comes into my head once I get them rolling. I don't like to use the same questions for every kid because I want them to think on their toes. They have to stay in character the whole time, even as they exit the room. Great exercise, and again, something great to use when when they are young and still learning to read. Once they have completed this exercise you can use it again down the road when they are working on scenework: only this time they don't know the character personally and really have to think about their answers!

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