Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Angels Unaware

A lot has happened in the last week.  A lot. I've been blessed in the last few days to meet three individuals (none of them know each other), that somehow knew without asking that I could use a kind word or some support.  What they've done is come alongside me (again, without me even asking), and offer me their knowledge, encouragement and resources as I continue to explore the acting opportunities in Central Florida.  These are working professionals - new friends who I met through one or the other of the many films I've been working on.  And somehow, they knew that I could use a friend.  Someone to toss ideas around with, someone willing to let me bounce ideas off of them, and pick their brain.

Too often, our acting communities around the country like to close their doors and keep out the new - people, ideas, etc...  We are all so afraid that someone else is going to book our job, that we've stopped making friends and helping each other.  The reality of this crazy business is that getting the job has absolutely nothing to do with that other person, but solely with whether casting likes you or not.  Half the time, it has nothing to do with whether you can act or not, but whether you look the part.  Or whether they were bullied by a girl named Erin in 8th grade (no matter how good your audition, you are NOT going to get the part in this situation...).  So why shouldn't we help each other and share information and kindnesses?

How refreshing to meet not just one, but THREE people that are willing to give in the last few days? They have truly helped me out in so many ways already, and I can only hope that I'll be able to give back to them soon.

G'ma Joyce calls these people "Angels Unaware", which is so appropriate and what they truly are.  So thank you, my Angels, for your kindness, support, and knowledge.  For encouraging me and guiding me with no ulterior motives other than to help someone you believe in.

You rock.

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