Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Getting Reel...er...Real

The last week and a half has been amazing. I shot a short film called Hell on Earth where I basically looked like I had stepped off the set of the Walking Dead. (Photo below.) Fun!

I've had several auditions - a few commercials and an independent feature. I booked an infomercial, which I shoot tomorrow.

All good things!

Which is great because I have set myself some serious goals for this year. I've decided to share them instead of keeping them against my chest - it makes it more real, and forces me to work harder.

So - my goals for my career in 2013:
-book a commercial (multiple commercials would be better)
-Get my first imdb credit
-book a guest star spot on one of the tv series that shoots here in the South

Big goals - especially that last one. And to achieve that last one, I finally have to get reel. If you're wondering what a reel is, it's a sample of the best of your work on camera. A best hits reel that shows your range.

Because in this digital age, you can't get anyone to seriously look at you for any major role without a reel. Even with the best resume they'll just assume you can't act. So a reel is an absolute necessity. And I'm working on mine. I'm getting reel as it were.

Wish me luck.

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