Monday, June 11, 2012

New Baby Horses and Homemade Tamales

New Baby Horses and Homemade Tamales are two things that make me VERY happy.

Fortunately for me, both of those things were part of my day today!

We woke this morning to a brand new baby horse. She's the cutest little wobbly thing - all gangly legs. In another day or two she'll start to zoom around the pasture on her skinny little legs. I'll try to get some video for you all! Don't you just love Spring? (I know... the rest of the country is already in summer, but it's definitely still Spring in the mountains of Wyoming.) All the babies everywhere? We have baby Elk and Deer and Bighorn Sheep and Geese and Foxes and Robins and Cows and Horses. The whole Ranch is alive with the promise of brand new baby critters. It's the best. And it melts my heart!

And then, to make my day even better, Chef Andrew taught me to make tamales the way his Mexican grandmother taught him. Totally from scratch, even the sauce for the chicken filling - we toasted the spices and the peppers, soaked the peppers, ground the spices and blended them into a seriously delicious sauce.

He said I was better at rolling tamales than he is. It was awesome.

Jason's in California for a few days, delivering the photo truck to the boss, and right now he's having dinner with my family and watching the Kings in the Stanley Cup Finals. I'm kind of jealous.

But I got to see a brand new baby horse today. And I got to make tamales (a lifetime goal). And now I'm drinking a glass of wine, watching JULIE AND JULIA and writing for all of you.

So goodnight, out there! Bon Appetit!

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  1. So awesome about the tamales and baby horse! Thanks for the baby gift-Jason dropped it off, poor guy was running to Long Beach after I saw him. I'll open it when we skype tomorrow :) miss you.