Monday, April 30, 2012

Call Me Katniss

I had this comment exchange on facebook last week, and just had to share it (with permission from my childhood friend Courtney). I don't think it needs much explanation, just read and enjoy!

Me: "Okay - totally random - I had a conversation with my husband today about how I'm so good with a bow and arrow that I shot you with one at girl scout camp, and of course he asked for the details, but I can't remember them except that we both got bulls eye badges for our troop jackets. Phew. Do you remember anything at all? I really just remember that I shot you with an arrow! Which is crazy!"

Courtney: "Oh man! I'd completely forgotten about that! Sorry I don't recall any details - maybe I was in too much pain and had to block it out (doubtful). Was that at Lazy J? Or the big camp with yellow shirts with bears on them? Why I can picture the details of the shirt but can't remember the name is beyond me. If you remember anything else I need to hear about it. What a funny conversation!"

Me: "It was definitely at Lazy J - the other camp was Osito Rancho ( Little Bear Ranch - too cute). That's too funny that you don't remember it either. Hopefully not because I scarred you for life! :) okay, one more weird memory - were you the one who shared that little orange tent with me in someone's back yard and I panicked and tore it down on our heads in the middle of the night? I bet it probably wasn't you because if it was, it's a wonder you ever spoke to me again between the tent and the arrow!"

Courtney: "Yes we shared that tent but again, I had no recollection until you reminded me. Maybe my coping mechanism was to suppress the memories?! I wonder why I don't remember these events? Oh, I remember plenty about Troop 726, but these stories are too great. Seriously, who gets shot by an arrow and doesn't remember? Maybe your mom has more details for us?"

Me: "I'll ask her today. She was definitely there, and probably was embarrassed since she studied archery in college and is a great shot, while her daughter is a train wreck. :) I can't believe you were in the tent, too. Definitely memory suppression. Can't blame you!"

Me: "By the way, read this series of comments to my husband and he thought it was pretty darn funny. Who forgets the details of how they shot someone with an arrow?"

Courtney: "Incredibly funny. I have this overwhelming urge to refer to you as Katniss from now on, but I'll refrain :)"

And then later...

Me: "Okay! I asked my mom and here's the story. Mom says I shot you in the ass. She says I did not break the skin, but that no one was supposed to be shooting arrows or going to retrieve them, so of course - you went to retrieve and I shot the arrow. Funny! And they gave us both bulls eye badges for our troop jackets."

So... I'm really not Katniss - because she is an excellent shot, whereas I can only hit something by accident. Still, though, how many people do you know who have shot someone with an arrow?


  1. hahahaha thanks for the laugh!!! I literally laughed out loud when I got to the "I shot you in the ass". :)

    1. Thanks, Shona! It's pretty funny! Even funnier that neither one of us remembered it - especially given the location. :)

  2. This is great! What a story :) The best is that Courtney didn't remember it at all!