Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Cape of Good Hope!

Hello again, friends! Here's my second blog installment of our visit to South Africa! If you missed the last one, CLICK HERE and go check it out!

I am just about ready to put into words our visit to Bridges Academy and the Townships (and it's only taken me 8 days to sort them out!), so be sure to check back here this weekend for that one. Until that one is up, though, here are my favorite moments from our weekend stay at the Cape of Good Hope!

The Beach at Muizenberg with the Cape Peninsula spread out behind it.

The famous beach huts at Muizenberg behind Steph and her awesome roommate, Katie. I wish I had noticed when I took it that Katie was looking down. C'est la vie!

A delicious lunch at this super bohemian restaurant in Kalk Bay, Cape to Cuba. Yes, that is the image of Che Guevara on the glass doors. Which reminds me - have you ever seen The Motorcycle Diaries?

L to R: Steph, me, Katie after our yummy Cuban lunch!

Boulder's Beach in Simon's Town!

Boulders Beach is a must visit at the Cape because of the PENGUINS that live there!

Yep - they play at the beach all day and come up into the trees to sleep in their little homes at night (I'm not kidding, folks!).

We spent the night in Simon's Town at a CHARMING Guest House called the Cheriton B&B. We all wished that we could stay for several days longer. And with a view like this, who wouldn't?

Jason and I on the beach at Boulders.

Katie and Steph on the Cape Peninsula in the Cape of Good Hope National Park.

Steph and I on the Cape Peninsula. Love the woman in the background - or is that a man?

Look at how spectacular this is over looking the Cape and the Indian Ocean! Did I mention that one side of the Peninsula is the Indian Ocean and the other is the Atlantic? They meet at the Cape of Good Hope which was once called the "Cape of Storms".

I OBVIOUSLY missed my calling. Cover of Vogue, here I come! (Note the extreme sarcasm.)

Steph's car, Little Blue, has got some serious junk in her trunk. I love that Katie is in there!

We journeyed down to the water from the cliffs and saw some Baboons on the way (YES - Wild ones with blue butts and all! I was so excited!). Jason was doing some serious shooting out here.

Steph and Katie enjoying the sun and the tide pools.

Have you ever seen WILD ostriches before? We have. And yes we were that close, probably not the safest. We also saw wildebeest and springbok and all number of antelope-y creatures, but sadly, no zebras.

This was the photo I was able to get of Jason and I at the Cape of Good Hope. Fortunately, Steph has a much nicer one on HER camera.

Where's Jason? It's just like "Where's Waldo?", but with my husband instead. And this is one of the reasons I love him. :)

Yes, my feet have set foot on the Cape of Good Hope. Have yours? They SHOULD!

Steph and Katie enjoying the Cape.

I love this photo of Steph and I at the Cape of Good Hope. :) It's almost as cool as our photo on Camels in front of the pyramids. Well, okay, not really, but close...

View of the Atlantic Side of the Cape. Promise me you'll go there someday. Promise!

So that's our weekend on the Cape! We brought back a lot of photos, a few souvenirs, some great memories and a rockin' sunburn - I'm still peeling a bit. (Mom - I was wearing SPF 55, slathered thickly on, and I still got burned - the African sun is INTENSE!) Plus, we drank a LOT of South African wine (all whites, nicely chilled - it was too hot for reds). Thank you, Steph and Katie for spending the weekend with us!

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  1. What a lovely weekend! Thanks for documenting it so well! Reminds me that my blog needs some serious help... Eddie, Lily and Phoebe all told me to tell you and Jason you are very missed in casa de simonsvlei.