Saturday, December 17, 2011

December Recap to date!

WOW!!!! Seventeen days since I've blogged! Not sure where the time has gone, but it has seriously flown!

Here's how it's flown:

-Jason was gone for sixteen days, and returned last Monday. I missed him a ton while he was gone, but it was great to be able to freely plan my days - scheduling visits and sub days and caroling gigs on a whim! However, sixteen days was just a tad too long, and I was beyond ready to have Jason home.

-Christmas party at Nik and Solange's - this was the first time I've been available for the party (and not caroling) in a few years, and it was a great time! I won the Christmas song contest (I have an unfair advantage - being that I am a professional caroler AND can generally read Spanish, Latin, French, Italian and Portuguese), plus there are some carols that can be traced to specific countries - i.e. The Carol of the Bells is often called the Ukrainian Christmas Carol - hence, I see a song title in Ukrainian and automatically know that it's the Carol of the Bells without needing to read Cyrillic. Plus, in their annual "build something cool" contest, everyone was assigned a figure from the Nativity to create out of foodstuffs. I was assigned a "Wise Man". It was really fun to see how everyone created their characters! Then, in the gift exchange, I won this amazing Flamingo Wreath. I knew that Jason would love it, too, and he DOES!

-Substitute teaching. I worked a total of 9 days subbing, and it wasn't as bad as I expected. It wasn't great, and I DID have to remind myself regularly that "when these kids are back in school in January and February, we'll be in the Caribbean, South Africa, and back to the Bahamas." With that reminder, I did just fine. I am, however, grateful that school is now out for Christmas!

-Caroling! It turns out that this was the season to be an alto sub for the caroling company. They needed someone who was available for gigs and knew the book, I've been able to be that person for them, and I have been singing QUITE a bit, while still being able to have a personal life during the Holiday season. Works for me! PLUS - I've been able to sing several times with Nate, Rovin and Reggie - my boys from my last two seasons, and it has been a BLAST!

-Disneyland! My dear friend Jen volunteered to sign me and two friends into the park for a day. Jason is Disney-ed out after a lifetime of Disneyworld, so I was able to take Solange and her sister Jenny, who in turn brought their daughters for the day. It was really fun, and amazing to see the wonder and excitement on the faces of both Caity and Brooke - who prefer to be called "Belle" and "Barbie Fairytopia" respectively. Thank you, Jen, for a special day!

Jenny and "Barbie Fairytopia" (Brooke)

Solange and "Belle" (Caity)

We're here in California for nine more days and then hit the road headed back to Orlando. Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from La-La-Land!

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