Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wedding Flowers

To those precious few of you who actually read this blog, I'm sorry that I've been so lame lately! I will try to write more often, promise. :)

My life has gone a little bit beserk. All Shook Up goes into tech - AGAIN - next week, and I've been busy getting that show on the road, working at the house and planning my wedding!

New photos of the house as it looks now (it's very cute - I'm super happy with it!) will be posted soon, promise.

In the meantime, here's a little update on the wedding planning:

It just feels like there's so much to do, but when I really sit down and think about it, most of the big stuff has been tackled. My one major lapse, though, was flowers. I'm ashamed to say it because I am a flower junkie (you should see my house - potted plants all over outside, and LOTS of fresh flowers inside all the time), but I just put this off until the last minute.

So, with the help and assistance of Mom, Kelli and Solange, we bought an enormous amount of flowers wholesale and figured out what the heck we're doing with the centerpieces. We're toying with doing our own because of cost - because I love wilder looking flowers, it's easier to do them ourselves. But we'll see. We're also waiting on a quote to do the whole wedding from the florist who did both Solange and Kelli's weddings - beautifully and reasonably.

In the meantime, while we're sorting everything out, here's a photo of what we mocked up from our fun at the wholesale flower market!

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  1. I think it would be awesome to do the flowers yourself! You have some talented ladies working with you, too. Can't wait to see the wedding centerpiece photos either way.